All You Need To Know About Fiat 500 Coilovers

All You Need To Know About Fiat 500 Coilovers

20th Sep 2022

The best Fiat 500 coil-over kits for Fiat cars come with the most stringent. By purchasing this coilover kit from Border North America, You can be confident that you are getting a set of good quality and great value. With the help of this kit, you may customise the ride height of your Fiat 500 with the greatest amount of freedom.

With the provided adjustment tools, height can be easy t changed from low to extremely low. No other kit will let you reduce your 500 as much as this kit without requiring any other alterations or modifications. All kits are made using the highest quality of materials and have spring and damping qualities that are both athletic and comfortable for everyday usage.

Some Basic Coilover Components of the Fiat 500

Coilovers may help you set up the elevation and damping of your Fiat 500 Coilovers to lower your centre of gravity and straighten your suspension for greater handling and grip. Your automobile looks sportier as a result. You'll be able to do this to transform your car into a real performance machine.


Coilover springs have three main functions:

1. To support each wheel individually on the car.

2. Springs help to level up the chassis of the car.

3. lessen or eliminate body roll during turning and cornering, especially at higher speeds.

The springs also lessen squatting and dipping when the vehicle decelerates. They are frequently used to alter the ride height of the car, which directly impacts comfort and handling.

Spring Pressure or Preload

Spring is under pressure during the length of its compression. Spring seems to have more travel and is stiffer when the preload is lower; the opposite is true when the preload is higher. If indeed the Coilover contains progressive springs, then this is accurate. Preloading on Fiat 500 Coilovers with linear springs has no impact on the spring rate.

More preload can improve grip when cornering, but too much preload might make a spring overly stiff. Preload must be changed to alter the ride height of these coilovers too easily to adjust spring seats. It can be problematic when a vehicle's ride height needs to be decreased, but its springs are already sufficiently firm.


There are always two types of dampers in the coilovers, as follows:-

1. Monotube


A mono or single tube Coilover is a single piston and rod arrangement in a damping application where both compression and rebound occur. In comparison to twin-tube shocks, a bigger mono or single-tube shock will be able to respond more quickly to minute suspension motions.

Compared to mono or single tube setup, a twin or dual tube Coilover is more complex. An inner cylinder that moves up and down is attached to an outer cylinder that serves as a hydraulic reserve in twin or dual tubes. This design allows for a greater suspension stroke, which enhances the ride and handling.

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