Audi Coilovers

Audi Coilovers

2nd Aug 2022

Do you own a high-performance Audi car and want to upgrade it for different events? We suggest you start with upgrading the suspension kit using coilovers. Don't get confused; Border NA will help you to choose almost perfect Audi Coilovers for your car. Border NA is an experienced Coilover expert who provides the best coilovers for multiple high-performance car brands. Border NA also has coilovers of different series, which are specified for sports events like drag racing, circuit racing, rally racing, street racing, etc.

Audi is a German automobile manufacturer of luxury and performance vehicles. It has its customers worldwide and is popular for its cars. Audi has a wide range of sports and racing cars like the R8 series, RS series, S series, etc. These cars require time-to-time maintenance and upgrades for different sports events. Here, suspensions and coilovers play an important role. Adjustable coilovers allow you to lower or raise your car quickly. It's the most significant advantage of a Coilover; whether you want to lower your car for a car show event and race or raise your car for long trips or off-road tracks, it can happen easily. Coilovers are also popular for getting better handling and stability. Now, let's talk about different Coilover series provided by Border NA for your Audi.

Different Coilover Series

Below are different Coilover series provided by Border NA :

  • DR Series: This series includes coilovers specifically used for Drag racing. These coilovers vary with different wheel drives for different vehicles. It has 32 different damping settings, which work for various road conditions, tires, and models. These coilovers are equipped with a pillow ball top mount designed by McPherson, which adjusts camber for stable acceleration.
  • Sport Spec SP Series: This Coilover system focuses on maintaining comfort on uneven and bumpy roads. It is all due to the monotube design of this Coilover system which helps retain stable damping. This Coilover is ideal for aggressive driving and weekend track days. The Springs of this series are manufactured using SAE9254 material, which makes the spring rate of this Coilover stiffer than the street version.
  • Street S1 Series: If you need a comfortable street drive experience, this Coilover series is the best match for your car. The reinforced rubber top mount used in street coilovers designed by McPherson offers 65% of the original comfort setup. The rubber top mount helps in turning stability and better shock absorption.
  • SR Series: Super race Coilover series are best suited for track, rally, and drag racing. The main feature of this Coilover is that it consists of 2 adjustment knobs. One is used to modify the damping setting on the nitrogen bottle, while the other is used to adjust the damping setting inside the shock absorber barrel.
  • Track P1 Series: This Coilover system is specifically built for rally asphalt sports. It steadies the car and absorbs the bumps from the uneven roadways. It has 32 different damping settings for different tracks and roads. Oil and gas are treated independently in our monotube design. The strut has 44mm pistols that can hold a substantial volume of shock oil for handling continuously, preventing shocks from wearing out after extended use and absorbing road irregularities.

These are some of the options we provide for all listed brands and car models. We assure the best quality to our customers. We take full responsibility for the quality of our brands. You don't have to worry about such things. For any other query, you can directly visit our site and connect with our professional team.