BC Racing

BC Racing

21st Jun 2022

BC Racing is one of the top brands. It is famous for motorsports suspensions. Engineers build a unique version of the Coilover system for the competitors every time. Are you also looking for BC Racing equipment? You can visit Border NA. It provides you with the latest versions of BC Racing performance parts. Not only this, but Border NA also deals with various other branded coil-overs. It is a reliable and well-known suspension parts provider in North America. We work according to the customer's needs and try to give our customers the best experience. It would also help you to install the coil-over system. Engineers use the latest technology to manage everything in a race car.

BC Racing Coilover Systems

You can select pre-built latest suspension products for your car from approximately 1200 different suspension kits. Custom Buildings of BC Racing Coilover Systems are also available. You can order us to get your customized system. It would be specially designed according to your preferences. Most market products lack quality, but at Border NA, you will get the original and quality coil-overs. Coilovers help you to have a superior and worthwhile experience of the ride. You can order the coil-overs based on the dampened length, struts, spring rates, caster plates, and double or triple coil-overs line lengths. The main features of the BC Racing Coilover system are mentioned below:

  • These suspensions have more stiffness with fewer problems while riding a car.
  • Coilovers provide high performance, but it depends on the type of coil overs you are using.
  • It gives a complete package with total transformation to your vehicle.
  • Suspension parts are available in different versions and colors.

We assure you that BC Racing Coilovers are superior in terms of performance. These give you the quality and a comfortable ride. Performance-wise MK7 GTI is the best coil-overs. Not only do they provide excellent stiffness, but they also give you an experience of a beautiful ride. It also has exceptions, but its pros overshadow the exceptions. Moreover, the coil-overs absorb the bumps well. Thus, it lowers the strut power and gives a smoother ride.

BC Racing BR Series Coilovers

BC Racing BR Series Coilovers are made to give track record performances. Its unique features include adjustable knobs for fine-tuning compression while bumping and adjustable heights. It will make your turns stable. Thus, it reduces the rolling effect of the body, which you experience during turns. These qualities of suspension parts make BC Racing a famous and reliable brand.

We recommend you to try BC Racing coil-overs to attain a wonderful experience of your ride. Customers can ask for fully customized cars with their personal choices. But you must order at least 7- 8 weeks before you want it ready. It is just an estimated duration and could be changed according to your order. It takes time to customize a car according to the customers' needs. You can contact us for further information. You can also visit our website to learn about more services. We always try to give our customers the best experience with the ease of customization. I hope you consider our services to customize your cars.