Civic Coilovers

Civic Coilovers

21st Jun 2022

Are you searching for Civic Coilovers to improve the performance of your car? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Border Na has provided high-quality Civic Coilovers at reasonable prices. Border Na has been highly experienced and knowledgeable in these fields.

A Coilover suspension is installed when you want to lower your automobile and attain sportier handling. Most Coilover breaks include additional adjustment options when it comes to flexible lowering. The driver can often modify the rebound or compression damping in addition to the hardness.

Why do we choose Border Na?

Every Coilover we make must include normal suspension oil (IP suspension system oil) and a prominent Japanese oil seal brand, NOK.

Our Coilover is made with the finest quality materials and manufactured to the highest standards, allowing our agencies and dealerships to avoid having to replace a set of operating results for two or even more repairs. Installation is simple.

A6061 aluminum top mount is included with the Wishbone style Coilover: Most McPherson front-wheel Coilover designs include a pillow ball top mount for adjusting the tire camber. To improve vehicle stability when turning the tyres.

These coilovers have been carefully designed and road-tested for the 2002-2005 Civic and offer the ideal blend of street comfort and greater performance to improve stability and grip. Our absorbers and springs have been powder coated for an added level of surface resistance to corrosion to preserve your suspension from the hard winter months and salty coastal air. This suspension is a high-performance model with 32 damping settings, increasing the damping and spring rate settings by 35%. It's ideal for track days and aggressive driving on the weekends.

Coilovers for Your Civic: What You Need to Know

We recommend learning the basics of coilovers if you're new to suspension changes like coil overs and lowering springs. This will enable you to make an informed decision by examining several aspects of Coilover selection, including:

  • Choosing the appropriate spring rates
  • When it comes to preload and damping changes, weigh your alternatives.
  • You should know if a monotube or twin-tube construction is best for you.
  • When it comes to coil-overs, there are two types: fully connected and partially threaded.
  • Identifying if you should use Swift or conventional springs, as well as evaluate the height of the drive changes to see how they may alter your suspension geometry,

The Advantages of a Honda Coilover Suspension Setup

When a driver gets into a car, the key requirements are to maintain control over a variety of surfaces and to improve responsiveness. Customers need a long service life; therefore, component durability must outweigh the cycling fatigue of constant driving. Because of their improved handling and adjustability, Coilover suspension systems have become popular among vehicle enthusiasts. 

Drivers can fine-tune them to achieve high precision, responsiveness, and handling performance. Coilovers' appeal stems from the fact that they were initially built for race vehicles to adjust suspension height and damping settings. There are numerous benefits to replacing the stock suspension system with a good Coilover suspension setup. Honda coil-overs are sold as a single unit rather than as individual parts, making them simple to install.

Compared to other suspension systems, Honda Coilover suspension is lighter and more compact, resulting in less unsprung weight. They allow for larger wheels to be placed due to the increased space available and more negative camber settings, which is very significant for Hondas. Another feature that makes this suspension ideal is the option to customize the spring length and rate to fine-tune the chassis for the driver's preferred driving style. 

Understeering problems can be considerably reduced by correctly tuning them. With more than fifteen settings in certain models, coilovers allow the driver to customize the ride height to his preferences. This is extremely beneficial in motorsports such as drag racing and drifting, as it provides drivers with incredible track grip.