Essential Things You Must Know About BMW Coilovers

Essential Things You Must Know About BMW Coilovers

23rd Nov 2022

Are you thinking about upgrading your car with a new set of coilovers? If so, then you need to read this blog post first. We're here to give you the rundown on all things BMW coil overs. Are you looking for a better ride? You may want to lower your car's center of gravity for improved handling. Or maybe you want to make your car look good. Whatever the reason, you should know a few essential things about BMW coilovers before making your purchase.

What are BMW Coilovers?

There are many types of coil overs on the market, but BMW coil overs are some of the best. Coilovers are designed to improve your vehicle's handling and performance and can also be used to lower the ride height. BMW coil overs are available in various sizes and spring rates so that you can find the perfect set for your car. Installation is relatively simple, and most coil overs have all the necessary hardware.

Coilovers work by suspending your vehicle closer to the ground. This lowers the center of gravity and improves handling. It also makes your car look great! Most coilovers have adjustable dampers so you can tune them to your liking. If you're looking for a way to improve your car's performance and appearance, BMW coil overs are a great option.

How do BMW Coilovers Work?

There are many myths floating around when it comes to coil overs. It's a common misconception that they're just glorified shocks, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Any performance suspension system is incomplete without coilovers, which have several advantages over standard spring and shock setups.

So, how do BMW coilovers work? In a nutshell, they're designed to provide a lower center of gravity for your car, which results in improved handling and cornering. Additionally, they offer adjustable ride height, so you can ideally fine-tune your suspension to suit your driving style and needs.

If you're looking to get the most out of your BMW, coilovers are something you should consider. They may require a bit more initial investment than traditional springs and shocks, but the performance gains are worth it.

How to choose the right BMW coil overs for your car

When it comes to choosing coil overs for your BMW, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. First, You must select the driving you will perform most frequently. You should choose a softer spring rate if you plan to operate mainly on public roads to improve the comfort of your ride. However, you'll need a more substantial spring rate if you're performing a lot of track days or autocross so that your vehicle can manage the tight corners and high speeds.

Next, you need to decide how low you want to go. Coilovers allow you to adjust the height of your car, so if you want to go low, you'll need to get a set that will let you do that. Remember, though, that lowering your car too much can negatively affect the handling, so make sure not to go too crazy.

Finally, take into account the price. Coilovers can range from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand, so it's essential to find something that fits your budget and needs. With all of these factors in mind, Selecting the right coilovers for your BMW would be easy.


Your BMW racing and street vehicles perform better with coil overs. You could adjust the height of your ride, roughness, and general handling of your car. High-quality BMW coil overs adapted to your driving style are available from Border North America. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our services.