Everything You Have To Know About A4 Coilovers

Everything You Have To Know About A4 Coilovers

13th Sep 2022

These days, coilovers are in trend. One way to determine whether or not you have enough room for coilovers is to check the mounting locations of your car's shock absorbers- it should have four holes in the front and four in the back. Audi A4 Coilovers can be adjusted to improve speed and quick stops relative to the center of gravity because they are easily recognized for their quality and features.

Although performance upgrades are nothing new, you need to understand a few fundamental principles to fully realize your car's potential. Here are some helpful Coilover improvements from Border North America for your car's power performance. On our website or in person, you may browse our Coilover selection.

Knowing your requirements and needs is essential when choosing the appropriate Coilover. You must be aware of the features of the product you wish to purchase because there are numerous elements to take into account when purchasing a new suspension part. You ought to be aware of the product.

What do we offer?

Shop at Border North America for the best A4 Coilovers at competitive prices. Border North America sells coil-overs with the most advanced suspension technology. Thanks to it, you'll be comfortable and able to control your car. Additionally, our coilovers are excellent for aggressive driving and weekend track days. Border North America is dedicated to providing high-quality products at the best prices.

Some Key Features

  1. Our A4 Classic coilovers can be adjusted in height from 1 to 3 inches lower than the factory. They provide stronger spring and damping rates than standard to increase the stability, grip, and appearance of your A4 and come with the best, most hassle-free installation in the industry.
  1. Please be aware that this kit needs your factory upper mounts to work. Wheel spacers may be necessary for some cars during the installation of this Coilover kit to ensure correct wheel and tire clearance. The drop ranges are a rough guide. The age of the vehicle, additional modifications, and wheel/tire configuration will all affect the actual drop range.
  1. These Coilovers were created and road tested exclusively for the A4 to strike the ideal mix between more outstanding performance and street comfort, enhancing stability and grip.
  1. With the help of our adjustable locking perches and provided spanner and wrenches, our A4 Coilovers allow you to lower your car by 25mm to 75mm below the stock height. You could reduce your automobile's mass force by reducing your ride height. It indicates that your car's handling and performance will improve while offering a comfortable ride.
  1. The suspension's compression and rebound stiffness can be changed. There are two basic types of adjustable dampers: those that adjust both compressions and rebound simultaneously and those that control both compression and rebound independently.

There are a variety of coilovers available in the market, but A4 Coilovers is best for your Audi car, and Border North America provides you an extremely advanced suspension technology. Installation of these coilovers is effortless, and our staff will guide you through all the processes involved.

To buy high-quality and customized coilovers, visit our website at https://border-na.com/