Megan Racing

Megan Racing

21st Jun 2022

Megan Racing is a type of coil-overs that is used for performance suspension. It is the leading brand in the automotive industry. It is due to the quality and affordable price of performance parts. If you are also interested in buying these suspensions, then Border NA is the right place. Border NA is an authorized dealer of Megan racing kits. You can choose any of the available kits from various types of Megan racing kits. These kits are based on the prices, performance, and quality. Overall, these are designed for individuals who never compensate with their Coilover system. We make sure that you get the best Megan racing experience.

Megan Racing Coilovers are designed in such a way that they prevent shocks. If you also use this Coilover, you would not feel any inconvenience, and it drops on the suspension. The main features of Megan racing are:

  • They are adjustable.
  • You can install it on your own.
  • They have higher spring resistance.
  • They are durable.
  • They provide a shock failure ride.
  • Short-term Warranty.

Megan Racing Performance Parts are made according to the needs of the users. Like some of the suspension parts are specifically designed for street use. Their higher spring rate helps in easy turns and transfer weight while turning. There are mainly eight types of Megan racing coil-overs.

  • Megan Barreling Swift Path suspensions
  • Megan Barreling EZ suspensions
  • Megan Barreling EZ II suspensions
  • Megan Barreling Euro I suspensions
  • Megan Barreling Euro II suspensions
  • Megan Barreling Spec-RS suspensions
  • Megan Barreling Path suspensions
  • Megan Barreling Street suspensions

Megan Barreling Swift Track and Track Suspensions

Megan Barreling Swift Path and Path Suspensions are specifically for individuals interested in time tracking. These provide you the opportunity to dampen better and track time. Additionally, they do not give much importance to comfort. They are stiffer and deliver a fantastic ride.

Megan Barreling EZ Suspensions

If you want to use the coil-overs for domestic use, then prefer Megan Barreling EZ Suspensions. These are best for Asian automobiles and local automobiles. These coil-overs are long-length adjustable and give a shock-proof experience.

Megan Barreling EZ II Suspensions

These are the upgraded version of Megan racing EZ coil-overs. Megan Barreling EZ II Suspensions have far better-dampened shocks and are stiffer. These are also used for local and Asian automobiles.

Megan Barreling Euro I Suspensions

These are specially designed for European vehicles. It has high dampening with adjustable features. Megan Barreling Euro I Suspensions have reusable shock mounts.

Megan Barreling Euro II Suspensions

It is an upgraded version of Megan racing Euro I Coilovers. Thus, Megan Barreling Euro II Suspensions have better dampening adjustable features and long-lasting strut mounts. It has a year's warranty.

Megan Barreling Spec-RS Suspensions

Megan Barreling Spec-RS Suspensions are the top-level suspensions for track use. It has high adjustment dampening with separate compression.

Megan Barreling Street Suspensions

If you drive a car routine, then Megan Barreling Street Suspensions are the best for you. It is incredible for daily drivers and has adjustable dampening upto 32.

All in all, these suspension kits are suggested to you for a better riding experience. You can have better deals for these Megan Racing kits from Border NA with many different versions of coil overs.