Subaru Brz Coilovers

Subaru Brz Coilovers

20th Sep 2022

High-quality coilovers are available from Border North America to enhance the comfort, handling, and cornering of your Subaru BRZ Car. Increasing the resistance between your tires and the ground can increase your car's efficiency. Pay fair prices at Border North America and benefit from a host of additional advantages.

For the best deals on Brz Coilovers of the highest caliber, visit Border North America. The most cutting-edge suspension technology in coil-overs is offered for sale by Border North America. It will make you comfortable and efficiently handle your vehicle's performance. Our coilovers are also great for weekend track days and aggressive driving. If you need essential adjustability and sound quality without breaking the budget, look at these reasonably priced BRZ Coilover kits.


  1. We use a mobile lower mount, which enables preload and ride height adjustments. For your information, the ride height has been dropped from the OE ride height by 62 to 105 mm.
  2. The spring is constructed from premium SAE9255 material. The spring rate is harsher compared to the street version.
  3. McPherson camber and bottom-mount coilovers are made of premium steel components to promote safety and durability.
  4. Every Coilover we produce must have the Japanese NOK oil seal, a standard in the industry, and Coilover oil (IP suspension system oil).

Why You Must have BRZ Coilovers

The best coilovers for your BRZ in terms of high performance and competitive use are what you want. If you spend more time driving around a track than you do on the road, these coilovers are worthwhile. One of the main reasons people choose to put coilovers on their BRZ is to make it lower to the ground. The threaded Coilover body allows you to adjust the ride height and spring pressure. The more money you spend on a Coilover set, the more adjustability it typically has. With these coilovers, you can also upgrade to 2-way remote canisters. To prepare your BRZ for a subsequent switch to a more competitive driving style, you won't need to acquire a new set of coilovers!

  1. Brz Coilovers are much more adaptable. You can adjust your stance generally or level the front and rear of the car.
  2. They also guarantee that your car sits straight and eliminate the infamous "Chevy lean." If performance is your first objective, they also let you balance your vehicle.
  3. You can change the height of each corner to improve weight distribution and overall handling. Installing coil-over dampers is not significantly more complex than installing lowering springs, which seem to be very simple.
  4. Most of our coilovers are simple to install using stock mounts and a few bolts. The other procedures entail a quick pre-installation assembly and a quick ride height adjustment after installation.


We offer high-quality Brz Coilovers to enhance the safety and comfort of your ride in your Subaru BRZ Car. We offer the most affordable prices on the best car suspension components. The most cutting-edge suspension technology and simply accessible height adjustment knobs are features of our coilovers. You wouldn't have to worry about rocky or uneven roads with us. We make sure that every customer receives the best quality product. We have the most capable and skillfully trained staff, who are always ready to help you. Visit our website for more information: