What is Jetta Coilovers?

What is Jetta Coilovers?

13th Sep 2022

Many vehicles, including 4x4s, RC, race, and regular passenger cars, use coilovers. On new cars, they are occasionally utilized as a factory-installed suspension option. Double wishbone suspension systems frequently employ coilovers, which are also a part of MacPherson struts.

Full coilovers and slip-on coilovers are two of the most common varieties of coilovers. Slip-on coilovers require the dampers and springs to be purchased separately and assembled, whereas full coilovers come pre-matched with a shock absorber.

Many businesses produce aftermarket coilovers for cars, letting the buyer change different settings like ride height and dampening. If the coilovers are equipped with adjustable top mounts, and the car's suspension permits them, camber and caster angles can also be changed.

Compared to standard MacPherson struts, Jetta Coilovers provide a great degree of adjustability. To lessen weight transfer as the vehicle changes directions, coilovers can lower the vehicle's center of gravity and raise the vehicle's roll stiffness.

Coilover Setup

  • A Coilover arrangement or setup is also referred to as a screw suspension, allowing for customized ground clearance adjustment.
  • It is accomplished by using the screw thread of the suspension strut. It makes it possible for one person to quickly raise or lower an automobile with a Coilover suspension without needing any tools.

When coilovers are involved, there are several things to consider. Before moving on to considerations, it is critical to establish your goals for a set of coilovers. Although we know that some track Jetta Coilovers required revised suspension, we assume most Jetta owners are looking for a stance or better street handling ability. When looking to purchase a set of coil-overs, there are a few factors to take into account, such as

  • Springs
  • Springs Preload
  • Dampers

The information about each is given below.


Coilover springs support each vehicle tire, keep the chassis from bottoming out, and limit or lessen body roll during turning and cornering, especially at higher speeds. The springs also lessen squatting and dipping during acceleration and deceleration. They are frequently used to modify the vehicle's ride height, which directly impacts comfort and handling.

Springs Preload

Preload is the pressure exerted on a spring over the distance it is compressed.


A mono-tube Coilover is a single piston and rod arrangement in a damping application where both compression and rebound occur. In comparison to twin-tube shocks, a more significant mono-tube shock will be able to displace hydraulic fluid and respond more quickly to tiny suspension motions.

A mono-tube setup is more straightforward than a twin-tube Coilover. Twin tubes have an outer cylinder that acts as a hydraulic reserve and an inner cylinder that travels up and down. Due to the increased suspension stroke made possible by this design, the ride and handling are improved.

Coilovers improve the performance of your Volkswagen street and race cars. By allowing you to efficiently change the height of your ride, toughness, and general handling, you would be capable of truly making a call in your vehicle's Suspension. Border North America offers high-quality Jetta Coilovers customized to your driving ability. To learn more about Jetta Coilovers or other accessories, visit our website.